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United Airlines Interline Agreement List

The interline agreements also allow airlines to re-receive passengers from other airlines in the event of irregular operations. Suppose you go from United and Lufthansa from Washington DC to Dubai over Frankfurt. In the past, if the United flight was cancelled or significantly delayed, so you would miss your route, they could reassess you at the Emiratess non-stop. This can lead you to your destination a little late. It won`t be possible anymore. Who cares? Of course, interline chords are useful when it comes to checking bags to your final destination, and sometimes when there is an operational Snafu. UA is no longer really heading to the Middle East, which means there won`t be as many situations where they should re-listen to a passenger on a Middle Eastern airline (maybe flights to Africa? But there are many other options that could be hijacked by Europe). Many other AU carriers re-medifying you if necessary. Domestically, UA has more interline agreements than DL and has often redirected me to DL and AA. So I doubt that there will be more than a few passengers who will take care of it, but in any case, we should all jump on the bash-united Bandwagon and/or tell us anecdotes about how we almost missed an AU flight once and almost be rerouted to BA… More reason for Fly Alaska Virgin America and Jet Blue, if possible. I try to avoid Delta because they are not even on interline partners when a separate ticket is booked and now unites.

When they realize that customers in knowledge avoid the airlines that do these things and those that don`t know will be angry if they appear, they can`t check the luggage along the way. And then the airlines wonder why the passengers are so rude… Push them into the seats as small as possible and get comfort. I think it is serious enough not to allow luggage to be checked from separate tickets, but not allowing it even for all your partner airlines is somewhat shocking. The most fundamental aspect of Interline agreements is that it can allow you to check luggage through airlines and tickets. Now you can no longer check your Bag from Say Newark to London on your United flight and have it automatically re-deploy your flight from London to Dubai with Emirates. This means that if you book such an itinerary, you should go through immigration, leave security security, ask for your bag, and check again. At best, it`s annoying, but it`s more likely that a much longer connection is needed.

I would rather spend UA`s time and resources focus on luggage for its own customers.

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