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Visual Agreement

Yes, by contractual freedom, a visual treaty is legally binding. In addition, you can even use spoken words as a contract. Nevertheless, tangible proof of your agreements is a better reference and proves that things are going wrong. Or if you just want to highlight the cooperation agreements you have made. Depending on the context, the style and type of visualization may be different, as can the level and amount of simple or more legal language you use. We always establish our visual contracts with legal experts who are behind the content designed and designed, so that we can guarantee you a contract that generates results and good collaboration and is legally binding. “Aurecon is the first company in Australia to do such a thing, and in the world, it is the first time that a visual contract has been concentrated at all levels of an organization in a commercial context,” said Professor Camilla Andersen. We have designed contracts within the aviation industry as well as contracts for end-users with low literacy levels. While contracts for low-literacy users refer to the social impact we like to produce, even in an innovative and highly complex environment, where the stakes are high, visual contracts can add value to further development of results projects. Whatever the context, which facilitates the understanding of complex content, helps speed up the process and achieve better results.

Although Herbert would probably not talk about the art of the proposed employment contract, his words are a few to live for each company. A carefully drafted agreement will not only help to make things go well, but also save a lot of time and money if things go wrong. Therefore, pending the resumption of images, employers should consider the following key tips for written contracts of employees: 05 May 2018 – Global Engineering and Infrastructure Advisory Company, Aurecon will be the first company in Australia to use a visual employment contract and eliminate more than 4,000 words from their employment contracts to create a concise and meaningful visual contract , whose illustration will be used to complete the text.

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